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where hope lives  ~  where hope thrives


My young friends~the children who Inspired me to create Alchemy Design Project


Our Goal & Commitment to 

survivors of human trafficking & Vision to prevent retrafficking

Register & Help Make Change

Volunteer, Participate, or Donate

Apply the 3 V's
Vacations, Volunteerism & Vocational training

Recognize that each one of us has an opportunity to share a few days of our vacation travel to create life-changing opportunities to impact children's futures, simply by teaching what you know!  YOU will be able to build pathways for a survivors financial freedom and independence from exploitation. Education is the key, and training that supports marketable skills enables children to experience personal self-esteem, pride and hope. Each child is provided a tool and material supply set appropriate to the skills you are sharing. No child should have a financial burden when beginning their journey to personal empowerment.

For the Non Government Organization's we partner with:  Alchemy Design Project provides a full supply set for a member of your NGO. This is to encourage a staff member to take our vocational training in order to continue teaching newly arriving survivors or help support further learning after we complete our training.

All of the vocational workshops Alchemy Design Project provides and organizes with your NGO, including all material and/or tool sets, are offered free of charge to your shelter.  Each survivor is supplied with a free tool and material set. We eliminate the financial burden a survivor would otherwise face when beginning a their brighter future!

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