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Volunteer Teachers ~ Volunteer Researchers ~ Volunteer Staff  

The Alchemy Project began as an solution to a Sustainable Design problem for my Jewelry Design students.  Human Capital is a sustainable commodity, and trafficked children are too often seen as disposable commodities. Teaching sustainable, vocational technologies to the survivors of Human Trafficking enables these remarkable and resilient young women to lift themselves out and away from the tyranny of sexual slavery.

Everyone has skills to teach! For the young survivors of this 21st Century slave trade to have a bright and hopeful future they must have alternative marketable skill sets. 

Arts and crafts represent an excellent means of economic freedom and the trajectory for this becoming a viable livelihood is huge! It is also a means to fund their education to enjoy a different career path. The 3 V's also represents an opportunity for those who apply their new skills to train more young women rescued from traffickers.


Let the Alchemy Design Project help guide you through the process of connecting with Non-government organizations (NGOs) and helping you support the cost of your teaching supplies. We also will manage the logistics of getting your supplies to the NGO!

For those interested in supporting our mission, and do not want to teach, we welcome you to join our staff and / or research team or committees!

We also rely on your generous donations to fund the supplies and materials for each survivor!

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